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Xpander Pak Demo Video
Look for us in 2017!
Here’s a short video (44 second mark) of our staff
Asembia Video
Xpander Pak® time lapse
Expansion of Rx² mailer with sealing instructions

Xpander Pak®

Xpander Pak Expanding

Cushioning-on-demand, when you need it. Simply pierce outer film of the foam expansion mailer and watch as it expands up to 5x times its original size. "Lock-In" your product and secure the contents exactly where you place them, no void-fill needed.

Xpander Pak® foam expansion mailers require less space versus traditional EPS coolers and are an effective replacement for small shipments, clinical samples, etc. Whether you're shipping high-value components or temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals that require extended duration shipping time, Xpander Pak® can save you a bundle. In fact, for shipments under 1 cubic foot, Xpander Pak is a direct replacement for EPS Foam. Tough and durable on the outside, ultra soft and insulating on the inside.

Watch our Time Lapse Video demo of an Rx² grade mailer expanding then put to the test.

For official testing results, see our Assistance page

Xpander Pak Load & Seal


Item #GradeDescriptionQTY /
Wt. /
Case (Lb)
1 PLT2-12 PLT's
9x11"BEP0911AStandard1" - Foam Expansion Mailer1002419$2.01$201.00$1.69$169.00
BEP0911BRX1.375" - Foam Expansion Mailer1002422$2.26$226.00$1.90$190.00
BEP0911CRX21.625" - Foam Expansion Mailer722424$3.44$247.68$3.14$226.08
12x14"BEP1214AStandard1" - Foam Expansion Mailer483016$2.86$137.28$2.42$116.16
BEP1214BRX1.375" - Foam Expansion Mailer483016$3.39$162.72$2.87$137.76
BEP1214CRX21.625" - Foam Expansion Mailer482029$4.85$232.80$4.41$211.68
14x18"BEP1418AStandard1" - Foam Expansion Mailer303015$3.92$117.60$3.32$99.60
BEP1418BRX1.375" - Foam Expansion Mailer303015$4.96$148.80$4.19$125.70
BEP1418CRX21.625" - Foam Expansion Mailer302022$6.63$198.00$6.03$180.90
*Call for distributor pricing
*Other options available upon request: Call for pricing

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