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Thermal Shield 3D Liner

3-D Thermal Box Liners

The original manufacturer of patented thermal box liners.

  • Folds flat - takes up only a fraction of space compared to EPS coolers.
  • Thermal Shield® Tough - Strongest, most durable box liners made today.
  • Made to order - No mold costs & precise fit to your box.
  • FDA approved for incidental food contact.

If you're looking for a durable, light-weight, flexible and cost-effective thermal box liner, look no further. Thermal Shield's standard box liner (shown on right) comes with side gussets, flush top and an easy peel & seal tape strip for closure. Can be made of up to 6 mil material with a variety of customizable options.

For SDS (MSDS) forms: See our Services Page

Thermal shield 3D Liner GussetsThermal Shield 3D Liner Flush TopThermal Shield 3D Liner Peel and Seal

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SizeQty /
Priced Per Each | Sold by CaseWt. (Lb) /
1 Case5 Cases10 Cases
T60A11016 x 6 x 6"75$1.65$1.50$1.4010
T60A11068 x 6 x 7"50$1.98$1.80$1.688
T60A11078 x 6 x 9"50$1.98$1.80$1.689
T60A11158 x 8 x 8"50$2.26$2.01$1.9010
T60A111610 x 10 x 10"25$3.30$3.05$2.9010
T60A114012 x 10 x 9"25$3.73$3.50$3.338
T60A115012 x 12 x 12"25$4.60$4.20$4.0010
T60A116114 x 14 x 14"15$6.67$6.06$5.578
T60A117016 x 12 x 8"25$4.75$4.36$4.0011
T60A119016 x 16 x 16"15$9.10$8.45$8.1010
T60A122018 x 12 x 6"25$4.80$4.40$4.0510
T60A123018 x 12 x 12"15$6.32$5.80$5.337
T60A125018 x 18 x 18"10$11.55$10.60$9.769
T60A127022 x 14 x 6"15$6.41$5.88$5.419
T60A124018 x 18 x 16" (1.5 cu. ft.)10$10.90$10.02$9.2010
T60A128022 x 14 x 12"15$8.34$7.66$7.0510
T60A129223 x 23 x 20" (6.1 cu. ft.)10$17.60$17.60$14.8813
T60A129924 x 18 x 18" (4.5 cu. ft.)10$13.00$13.00$11.5010
*Call for pricing on custom ordering


Foil is used in many ways to maintain and preserve freshness and act as a barrier. But its main use is to reflect and reduce energy consumption. Thermal Shield® is built to fight the three basic modes of heat transfer.

Thermal shield conductive
Thermal Shield radiant
Thermal Shield convective

By touching two opposing surfaces together, heat can move from one source to another. The more dense the item the more conductive it will be.
Our foil reflects up to 97% of the surface energy. The combination of 3 specific co-extruded layers stands up to the toughest challenges.
The still air trapped in our barrier-bubble makes it difficult for opposing temperatures to penetrate.

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