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  • Fancy Foods Show
    1st June, 2015

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  • Cold Chain 12th Annual Forum
    3rd October, 2014

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  • Pack Expo 2014
    5th November, 2014

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    12th March, 2013

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    18th November, 2012

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    30th June, 2014

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    9th May, 2014

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  • Pack Expo 2015
    28th September, 2015

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  • NEW: On-site Testing Chamber
    1st June, 2015

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  • Thermal Shield to exhibit at Armada Pharmacy Summit
    6th May, 2016

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  • 2016 Annual Retail Confectioners Expo
    24th June, 2016

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  • Pack Expo 2016
    9th November, 2016

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  • Pack Expo East 2018
    17th October, 2018

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  • Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit 2018
    2nd May, 2018

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 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit 2018
Location  Las Vegas
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2018 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit April 29th - May 2nd

Thermal Shield® and Nature-Pack™ are proud to return to the Asembia Pharmacy Summit for the 6th consecutive year. This is the largest conference in the U.S. for Specialty Pharma and our team is anxious to discuss our extensive and diverse temperature sensitive product lines. Come check out our 100% Compostable 2-piece BioCooler®, our market-leading Xpander Pak® Foam Expansion Mailer or the versatile easy-open Thermal Shield® pouches and bags! We can even get you URAC certified with the detailed reports established by our in-house testing chamber. 

What happens in Vegas...... Can actually help your business succeed!!

Check us out at the 00:46 second mark (HERE)