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Xpander Pak Mailer Video
Xpander Pak Mailers
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Easy-Open Pull-Tab
Frustration-free Packaging for your Customers

3D Box Liner Video
3D Box Liner
Demonstration for Cold Chain Pack-Out
Thermal Shield Prequalified Shippers

Chamber Testing

  • Mimic real life supply chain conditions
  • Validated chamber and thermal couples
  • Wide range of testing parameters: -35°C to 180°C
  • Large 32 cu. ft. Capacity allows 5 design pack outs in a single temp. cycle
  • ISTA 7D and 7E summer/winter profile testing with detailed reporting

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With detailed reporting, we can provide you specific, hard data to show you when or why a possible package may fail in transport and how alternative solutions may be a better option. These features combined with a test chamber temperature range of -35°C up to 180°C give Thermal Shield® a full range of abilities to assist you and provide invaluable information in relation to your needs.

Thermal Shield® can also assist you with actively viewing the thermal condition of your shipment with our thermal imaging equipment. This lets us give you static or active pictures with temperature measurement data on "in process" testing to see exactly what area of a shipping solution may be failing. Our thermal imaging equipment is another tool Thermal Shield® can offer to give you a full representation of how your packout is performing in real world conditions.

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XDS11 with 3D Liner
120 Hour


XDS12 with 3D Liner
144 Hour


Xpander Pak 9x11" A, B & C
48 Hour


Xpander Pak 12x14" A, B & C
48 Hour


5 Gallon Adhesive
36 Hour


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