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Easy-Open Pull-Tab
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3D Box Liner
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Innovative Pull Tab Options

As the industry leader in flexible insulated packaging, we're pioneering the next great features that enhance brand owner value and improves the consumer experience. Even with the use of tools, knives or scissors the durability and quality of Thermal Shield® packaging has made it a difficult material to open. As the market for our product has grown, we've recognized the need to address this. After years of development efforts we're now able to offer a solution. Our NEW Patent Pending Pull Tab is a safe, easy way to open your Thermal Shield® bag or pouch and offers a multitude of benefits.

Thermal shield conductive

Strategically located Pull Tab is readily identifiable upon opening the box flaps.

Thermal Shield radiant

Single point of entry provides quick and easy access once tab is pulled.

Thermal Shield convective

Safely retrieve contents without risk of damage or injury associated with other methods.


*No Minimum Order

  • 2 Stock print options
  • Pull Tab & Banner Tape equal at 1.25"


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Thermal Shield Pull Tab Lip

Our 1" lip design is the standard for our easy tear pull tab feature.

Thermal Shield Pull Tab Dimensions
Thermal Shield Pull Tab Dimensions



Thermal Shield Custom Pull Tabs

Enhance your brand and get your message across by personalizing your packaging. Want to increase internet business? You can do that here by printing special discounts for internet orders. Or maybe you want to alert your customers about the contents they're about to open? How about holiday specials? No Matter what your marketing strategies might be. Let Thermal Shields' design staff help you make a lasting impression. *Pull tab can be color matched to banner tape.

Download Customization Template

Pull Tab Minimum:

4 rolls (13,800/rl)

Banner Tape Minimum:

35 Rolls (w: 1.25in x 1668ft)

Ex: A 12x12x12" would use one linear foot of banner tape. There are 1668ft in a roll of banner tape so this would mean we can produce 1668 bags using a single roll of banner tape. Any combination of sizes is acceptable to meet minimum orders. Print orientation can vary per job. See purchasing for additional information if needed.


Pull Tab Pricing

Thermal shield conductive
Thermal Shield radiant
Thermal Shield convective




SizeQty /
Priced Per Each | Sold by CaseWt. (Lb) /
1 Case5 Cases10 Cases
T60A1101-PT6 x 6 x 6"75$1.94$1.76$1.6810
T60A1106-PT8 x 6 x 7"50$3.19$2.90$2.708
T60A1107-PT8 x 6 x 9"50$2.55$2.32$2.169
T60A1115-PT8 x 8 x 8"50$2.76$2.44$2.3010
T60A1116-PT10 x 10 x 10"25$3.48$3.21$3.0510
T60A1140-PT12 x 10 x 9"25$4.50$4.22$4.028
T60A1150-PT12 x 12 x 12"25$5.96$5.44$5.1810
T60A1160-PT14 x 14 x 14"15$6.67$6.06$5.578
T60A1170-PT16 x 12 x 8"25$4.75$4.36$4.0011
T60A1190-PT16 x 16 x 16"15$9.10$8.45$8.1010
T60A1220-PT18 x 12 x 6"25$5.30$5.10$4.7010
T60A1230-PT18 x 12 x 12"15$6.84$6.28$5.767
T60A1250-PT18 x 18 x 18"10$11.55$10.60$9.769
T60A1270-PT22 x 14 x 6"15$6.41$5.88$5.419
T60A1240-PT18 x 18 x 16" (1.5 cu. ft.)10$13.27$12.20$11.2010
T60A1280-PT22 x 14 x 12"15$10.78$9.90$9.1210
T60A1292-PT23 x 23 x 20" (6.1 cu. ft.)10$17.60$17.60$14.8813
T60A1299-PT24 x 18 x 18" (4.5 cu. ft.)10$13.00$13.00$11.5010


SizeQty /
Priced Per Each | Sold by CaseWt. (Lb) /
1 Case5 Cases10 Cases
T55A205-PT6 X 6.5"200$0.69$0.61$0.575
T55A207-PT6.5 X 10.5"200$0.84$0.76$0.7210
T55A209-PT4 X 5"500$0.48$0.44$0.4011
T55A211-PT7 X 15"175$1.06$0.98$0.907
T55A212A-PT6 X 8"200$0.94$0.86$0.785
T55A213-PT8 X 11"200$0.87$0.80$0.767
T55A218-PT11 X 15"130$1.64$1.50$1.406
T55A221-PT12 X 17"70$1.46$1.36$1.308
T55A224-PT15 X 17"70$1.82$1.68$1.589
T55A227-PT15 X 23"60$2.44$2.24$2.0612
T55A230-PT18 X 22"60$2.20$1.94$1.8613
T55A234-PT23 X 18"60$2.52$2.23$2.1216

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